Mary Lou Retton's back in Houston, but not for gymnastics

Mary Lou Retton talks with Local 2's Dominique Sachse

HOUSTON - Mary Lou Retton's golden moment forever changed the sport of gymnastics.

She was the first American female to ever win the all around Olympic gold medal.

"I am proud of that fact that I opened the door" said Retton.

Now she is also a proud mother of four girls, and back in Houston to support her husband Shannon Kelley, a new offensive coach for Houston Baptist University's football team.

"It's just my passion, I never could get away from it. Even when I was trying to fake it that, I was just all business. I just never could get away from it," said Kelley.

The real estate mogul turned coach and his family packed up nine months ago and moved back to Houston from Retton's home town of Fairmont, West Virginia.

Houston is Mary Lou Retton's second home, she came here when she was 14 to train under Bela Karolyi.

"Bela use to say about me, Mary Lou is not the butterfly. They use to call me Earl Campbell because I was solid muscle. I was strong, I was explosive, nobody had ever seen a gymnast like me. Nowadays you look at our Olympic team that just competed and they are all strong and powerful," said Retton.

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