Mario Williams sues ex-fiancée over $785K diamond engagement ring

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Source: Associated Press

HOUSTON - Former Houston Texans defensive end Mario Williams is suing his former fiancée because she hasn't returned a $785,000 diamond engagement ring.

According to the lawsuit filed in Harris County, Williams gave Erin Marzouki the ring for their engagement. When she called the engagement off about a year later, she never returned the ring.

"Why? Because there's a better than average chance that once she gets wind of what's going on, she'll go to her local jeweler or her local pawn shop or better yet, flee the country," said legal analyst Brian Wice.

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The lawsuit claims Marzouki never wanted to marry Williams, and only agreed to the engagement to get money and gifts from the current Buffalo Bills player. He bought her $230,000 in gifts during their relationship and she also spent $108,000 on an American Express card given to her by Williams for her living expenses.

"In which case he's got a better shot at winning the Heisman Trophy than getting that money back," added Wice. "At the end of the day, it's whether this ring was a gift that she's entitled to keep -- come heck or high water -- or whether it was an engagement ring in anticipation of marriage and a promise that she broke that keeps that marriage from ever coming to pass."

Marzouki promised to return the ring if she didn't marry Williams, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit asks the court to issue an injunction to stop Marzouki from transferring, disposing, or diminishing the ring and seeks an undisclosed amount of damages.

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