Man's pickup truck stolen from dealership lot

TOMBALL, Texas - A man said he's furious after his pickup truck was stolen from a car dealership.

Rylee Tettleton said his $80,000 Dodge Ram Longhorn Dually pickup truck was stolen from Tomball Dodge almost two months ago.

"They brought us in the room. Showed us the video showed them getting into the vehicle. The keys being in the vehicle and driving off," he said.

Tettleton said service employees had left his pickup truck in the parking lot with the keys in the ignition and the engine running.

He said his vehicle wasn't the first stolen.

"It was the second one taken within a 48-hour period. So, obviously, someone didn't change their policy where vehicles aren't getting stolen from the dealership," said Tettleton.

The dealership's insurance company contacted Tettleton.  He filled out paperwork, but said he hasn't heard a response.

KPRC Local 2 contacted the owner of the dealership, and he declined to comment.

Tettleton said the theft has affected his wife's farming business and they've lost more than a $100,000.

"We can't take any of our horses to the vet. We can't move any of our farm animals," said Tettleton.

He now hopes the dealership's insurance will at least reimburse him.

"I probably would have bought my next truck from them, but since they didn't handle it well. I'll never be a customer," he said.

He said if he's not reimbursed soon, he will file a lawsuit.

According to crime reports, in the last two weeks, at least five vehicles have been stolen near the Tomball Dodge dealership's address.

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