Man's Christmas decorations create neighborhood controversy

CORPUS CHRISTI - A Corpus Christi man is causing a stir with his unusual Christmas decoration.

A stuffed Santa suit, made to look like Saint Nick, with blood, a crown of thorns and it is stretched out on a wooden cross in the man's yard.

The homeowner, Aaron Olivares, created the unusual decoration. Some find it offensive.

Olivares says he's received compliments from neighbors and has no plans to take down his Christmas creation.

"The cross is the big thing... the cross. Santa Claus is you know well, you can put Santa Claus on a hood, put Santa Claus on the roof, put Santa Claus in the front yard, but why put him on a cross?" said neighbor, Ricky Mesa.

When asked if Olivares thought about the Jesus reference, he said," Naw, it really, it didn't come to me like that, I didn't see nothing offensive about it."

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