Man who was hit by Houston police chief speaks on his recovery

A security camera captured the moment the police chief hit the pedestrian

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - The man who was hit by Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland in a downtown crosswalk earlier this month says he's recovering from a broken arm.

In a phone conversation, Houston attorney Jim Harris told local 2, "I did suffer a broken arm and will be in a cast for the next five weeks. I missed a few days of work. I've returned, but my production is limited."

A security camera captured the moment McClelland hit Harris.

The video shows Harris enter the crosswalk, take about six steps, before McClelland's city-issued vehicle turns and smashes into Harris. The impact tosses Harris several feet like a rag doll and throws him to the ground into the next lane.

At a press conference Thursday, Chief McClelland addressed the accident that led to his one-day suspension without pay.

"I was at fault," said McClelland. "Clearly the accident investigation revealed that fact."

In his initial handwritten accident statement given to police, the chief wrote that when he went to make a left turn he checked "the intersection and it was clear." He wrote, "I made my turn and suddenly he was in front of me. I struck the pedestrian."

As for what happens next, we asked Jim Harris if he was considering legal action.

"I'm not concentrating much on any legal possibilities right now," Harris said. "I just want to heal."

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