Man survives 40-foot plunge off bridge

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - A man survived a 40-foot fall off of a bridge Thursday.

It happened when witnesses said a man was riding his bike over the bridge on Studemont over White Oak Bayou along a narrow concrete strip and he fell off.

Construction workers in the area rushed to help him when he fell down the concrete edge of the bayou.

Witness Lee Meneses told Local 2, "Because it's too narrow. He didn't have enough room because the cars came this way and I think he tried to get off the bicycle."

Firefighters gave him an IV and loaded him into a basket in order to carry him up the steep concrete that surrounds the bayou.

A fire department spokesman said the man had broken bones and was rushed to the hospital, but could not release any more details.

Some people who use the bridge said the curb on the bridge is too narrow for walkers or cyclists.

One rider said, "Last week I was saying something to someone about it because the rail's too low. You can look at it and tell it's too low. You can be a 2 years old and fall off of it."

A spokesman for the city said the narrow concrete strip beside the road is a curb and is not designed as a sidewalk.

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