Man sentenced to 3 life terms for sexually assaulting a child

By Amanda Perez , Erica Young - News Producer

CONROE, Texas - A judge in Montgomery County has sentenced a man to three consecutive life sentences for sexually assaulting a child.

George Vogel, 43, was found guilty by Judge Kathleen Hamilton for three counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Judge Hamilton stacked the sentences, requiring Vogel to fully serve each sentence before being eligible to begin the other.

During the penalty phase, the 14-year-old victim testified that Vogel had sexually abused her on multiple occasions.

Vogel also took the stand and admitted to the ongoing abuse.

Prosecutors said Vogel originally claimed he had sleep apnea and had no recollection of the abuse.

The District Attorney's Office said Vogel began abusing the girl when she was 12 or 13 and the abuse went on for years. Prosecutors said Vogel gave the girl alcohol to commit the abuse.

The case was handled by Assistant District Attorney Cindy Pulcher, the chief prosecutor for internet crimes against children. She praised the judge for her decision and the victim for her bravery.

"Today, Judge Hamilton sent a strong message that we will protect the children of Montgomery County." Pulcher said Tuesday. "The efforts of all involved, including Children's Safe Harbor and their dedicated staff, Detective Gordy, Deputy Evans, Deputy Hollan, and Judge Hamilton demonstrate how various departments can bring justice for a child. However, the real hero in this case is the child who found the strength to face the defendant in court."

Because the three sentences will be stacked, Vogel would have to serve 90 years in prison before he would be eligible for parole.

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