Man says stabbing spree suspect confessed to him

Witness: Quick said his 'blade broke'

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

CYPRESS, Texas - A former Lone Star College student says stabbing spree suspect Dylan Quick confessed to him after he was detained Tuesday afternoon. 

Demond Lago said he was told not to come back to the Cy-Fair campus because he had threatened a police officer. 

According to Lago, he was trying to talk to the dean Tuesday about being reinstated at school when he was picked up for criminal trespassing. Coincidentally, Lago said it happened at the same time calls started pouring in about the stabbing spree. Suddenly, he found himself being held in the same room as Quick, 20.

Lago said the two started talking and Quick confessed to him.

"He was like, 'Yeah...I did it,'" Lago said. "He was like, 'I was trying to go on a killing spree but the blade broke.'"

Lago said the conversation between the two was difficult at times because Quick was born deaf. He wears a cochlear implant, but the device had fallen out.

"I'm not sure if it happened when the students apprehended him or if the cops did it, I won't say," he said. "But I know he kept asking them to put his hearing aid back in. He was handcuffed and they would not."

Lago said police moved Quick (pictured, right) to another room after more than an hour.

"Me and him were talking and that's not something they like," he said. "They kept stopping us but eventually moved him to another room."

Police records show Lago was in detention at the same time as Quick. He also told Local 2 details about the case before they were released by investigators, including Quick's locker number on campus.  

Lago said he ended up being released by police officers without a citation after promising he wouldn't come back on campus. 

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