Man says dogs are attacking, killing sheep

More than a dozen sheep killed by dogs

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - More than a dozen sheep have been killed by wild dogs in Montgomery County, and, according to the owner of the sheep, this is not the first time this has happened.

Robert Currie said he work up Thursday morning to find two pit bulls attacking the show lambs he raises.

"We come out this morning about 6. I found the two pits, a red nose and black pit, and they were attacking the sheep. I chased the dogs out and chased them to the neighbors house," said Currie.

"It's sad to see them dying when they would be my show animals," daughter Abby Currie said.

According to Robert Currie, this is not the first incident. He said the same dogs killed about a dozen sheep back in March and even tried to attack him.

"We've lost about 30 so far," he said. "The second time they killed a ram that I had on loan from a guy in west Texas that was $20,000."

According to Robert Currie, Montgomery County Animal Control told him they can not seize the dogs as long as they are on private property. The owner of the dogs also denies his dogs are the culprits.

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