Man robbed woman, 86, in Baytown home

Man stole more than $300, blanket from woman

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

BAYTOWN, Texas - Baytown Police are searching for a man who victimized an 86-year-old woman by stealing half her monthly income after breaking into her home.

Maria Lopez, 86, said she doesn't have much, but what she does have has been hard-earned.

"He said 'Where's the money? I know you got money, OK?'" said Lopez.

Through a translator, Lopez explained what happened when she was sorting bill money and a man broke into her home Monday night.

Lopez said the man pushed her to the floor before he took more than $300 from her room, and then went around the house looking for more cash.

"(I) was on top of the bed counting the money, and he just came in," said Lopez. "(He) told (me) 'The money,' and then he grabbed the money and the blanket."

When asked what she thought about someone who would prey on an 86-year-woman, Lopez said, "Malo. He's a bad man."

One of her grandsons, Samuel Martinez, said he was devastated to hear the news. He said he's now taking her to his house each night.

Martinez said his grandmother wasn't seriously injured, but he hopes the man is caught before he robs someone else.

"I wish I would've been here because I would've taken matters in my own hands," said Martinez. "Because, you know, I don't think no elderly person should be attacked by anybody. What if next time, it's somebody else and he actually kills that person?"

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