Man robbed at carwash while cleaning his car

Robbers yank victim out of car, take iPhone, money

HUMBLE, Texas - Jose Zavala said all he could think about while being ambushed by armed robbers was staying alive and getting back home to his wife and young son.

"My life is worth more than my money and the phone," said Zavala.

Zavala was cleaning his car at the Humble Car Wash on South Houston Avenue around 7 p.m. He said he noticed a late model car in a nearby stall and that sight put him at ease, knowing he wasn't there alone.

But Zavala said he soon realized the men in the other car were a threat.

"I just went to the vending machine to get a towel," said Zavala. "That's when the guy came up to me."

In the car wash surveillance video, you can see three men get out of the late model car. Two men start walking toward Zavala and ask him for directions. Then the men move just out of view of the camera. That's when Zavala said he noticed their weapon.

"I saw he had a gun under his pants," Zavala said. "I tried to run to my car and lock it, do something, but they were too fast."

He said one man climbed into the passenger side of his car and grabbed Zavala's wallet from the seat.

"The other guy came and he grabbed me," said Zavala.

He said the robber yanked him out of the car and took his phone.

The video showed the men running back to their own car and speeding off. Zavala tried to run after them.

"I couldn't see the plates," he said. Zavala said the robbers got away with about $300 and his iPhone.

Now Zavala is hoping video of the crime will bring the robbers to justice.

"It's really sad seeing something happen like that," he said.

Humble police are investigating the crime and plan to review the surveillance video.