Man rescued from flooded car

CYPRESS, Texas - A man was safe after the Rosehill Fire Department rescued him from the roof of his car after he tried to cross Spring Creek in northwest Harris County early Thursday. 

The man, whose name wasn't released, called authorities after his vehicle was swept off Nichols Road just before Spring Creek.

"They don't realize it's as deep as it is until they get into it," Rosehill Assistant Fire Chief Lee Sulecki said.

Sulecki said it doesn't take much for a car to be pushed off the road when water is rushing. In this case, it only took about 2 feet of rushing water to push this man's car off the road.

"The current is probably moving at about 2 to 3 mph right now, so it wouldn't take anything to sweep a vehicle off it," said Sulecki.

The Rosehill Fire Department had to utilize their swift-water rescue team to go get the man. He was taken to the hospital as a precaution after telling rescuers he was cold. 

Officials said the man was stranded on the top of his car in the rain for quite some time before he was pulled to safety. 

As for his car, authorities said there's not much to be done until the water level subsides.

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