Man poses as security worker to get inside home

HOUSTON - A woman says she was fooled by a would-be thief posing as an employee for a security company.

"The gate was locked. He was out here and I was in here," Bernett Callender said. "Honeywell was contracted by Comcast to have people like him to come out and check our equipment."

Callender brought him inside her home and showed him the equipment. She said he didn't seem familiar with the security system.

Callender said she didn't think anything of it until she said he tried to trick her.

"You stay in the bathroom. Lock yourself in the bathroom. I'm going to go outside and I'm going to check something. I crept out and when I came here, he was here," said Callender.

She said she caught him going through her medicine bag.

"I just started ranting and raving as if I had lost my mind and I think he became scared at that point," said Callender.

Callender said he apologized and left the home. She followed behind him and noticed there was no security van. As he walked down the street, she called 911.

Callender's daughter Nadine White called Comcast and Honeywell and they said they did not have any representatives sent to the home.

White said she is terrified and angry that someone tried to take advantage of her mother. She's hoping to warn her neighbors about this man posing as a security representative.

"It's very easy for people to pray on women in general older women younger women and I think women are a target in general," said White.

Harris County Sheriff's office on Thursday confirmed they went to the neighborhood and spotted the suspicious man but were unable to arrest him.

They now want to send a warning to citizens to be on the lookout and careful about who you let inside your home.

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