Man mugged while walking in the Heights

HOUSTON - A recent rash of robberies has people in the Heights worried.

Houston police said a man walking from a restaurant to a home a few blocks away was mugged on Sunday.

Ben Stuchlik, 28, said a group of men kicked him and demanded his wallet, cellphone and sunglasses about 6 p.m.

Stuchlik said he was completely surprised by the attack and thought the area where he was walking was safe. He went to a nearby home for help.

Stuchlik said a woman knocked on his door on Monday morning and returned some of the items that were stolen from him.

Stuchlik had been walking home from Cedar Creek, a popular hangout. The general manager of the bar said he's very concerned about the attack.

"Around this time, crime always spikes – break-ins, robberies," manager Josh Vonk said.

Vonk said he reminds his customers not to leave their valuables in the cars and to find the safest way home to reduce their chances of becoming a victim.

Area residents said several home and car burglaries have been reported recently. Some residents said they planned to get home security systems to protect themselves.

Descriptions of Stuchlik's attackers haven't been released.

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