Man meets bone marrow donor from Germany

Two years ago, Larry Wilson learned he was dying of acute lymphatic leukemia

By Phil Archer - Reporter

LAKE JACKSON, Texas - Everyone has something to be thankful for. In Larry Wilson's case, he's simply glad to be alive.

Two years ago, Wilson learned he was dying of acute lymphatic leukemia. The only hope, was a bone marrow transplant, but that was a tall order.

"For some reason, my DNA was unique enough that they couldn't find a match," said Wilson.

But then a big break happened, in which Wilson's doctors were able to match DNA to one other person, Johann Beissel, a German insurance executive.

"I had the chance to give a gift and give Larry a second chance to be in place with his family, and he gave me the things back," said Beissel.

The transplant went through in Oct. 2011. It saved Wilson's life, and Wilson adopted Beissel as his brother.

"I wouldn't be here. Plain and simple, I would not be sitting here," said Wilson. "He was my only lifeline."

The two hadn't met until last Friday when Beissel flew in to Intercontinental Airport to spend Thanksgiving with Wilson and his parents.

Everyone has something to be thankful for, maybe some more than others.

"I'm thankful I could give someone something special and that I could receive something special," said Beissel.

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