Man injured in Houston-area bull run speaks about experience

Man briefly hospitalized after being injured in Pamplona-style bull run

BAYTOWN, Texas - A man injured during a Houston-area bull run is talking about his experience.

Instead of grabbing one of the 24 bulls by the horns at the Great Bull Run, Hugo Soto got trampled.

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Soto was treated for a nasty set of bruises and scrapes to his arms and face.

Soto also suffered a concussion, making his memory a little hazy, but he did not forget the exhilarating and painful run he took around the bull run track.

Amateur video from another thrill-seeker also captured it all.

"The bull pushed me in the back," said Soto. "I fell over, covered my head and the rest of the bulls passed by, and a couple of them actually got a couple of hits in."

Soon people were running to help Soto, then rushing him off to San Jacinto Methodist Hospital.

"I was the only one that ended up at the hospital," said Soto.

Soto is now back home.

"I had fun. I had a good time. It's one of those things you had to experience. I do not regret it at all," said Soto.

Soto's already dreaming of another chance to actually make it to the finish line, instead of getting hit by hooves and horns, or left in the dust. Next stop, maybe the famous Pamplona Spain Bull?

"Yeah, you know, as soon as these [injuries] clear up I'll probably do it again," said Soto.

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