Man injured in fatal dog attack speaks out

Woman killed in violent pit bull mauling, 2 others injured

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - After a woman was mauled to death by dogs and two other people were hurt, one of the injured victims is speaking out about the attack.

The incident happened in a southeast Houston neighborhood over the weekend.

City Animal Control workers took two dogs into custody. Witnesses told investigators the brown dog is the one who attacked while the black and white dog, they believe, was at the scene but not involved.

City officials told Local 2 both dogs are owned by a couple who lives in an apartment. Local 2 stopped by but no one answered the door.

"I never seen dogs attack like that," said Osby Pinales.

Pinales was also bitten on Sunday. He said he saw a woman lying on the ground and tried to help her. That's when the dogs turned on him.

"I'm trying to check to see if she's okay. Next thing I know two dogs start attacking me from the back, viciously," said Pinales.

Pinales has severe bite marks on the back of both of his legs and his arms. He also knew the woman who was killed by the dogs. She was 43-year-old Christina Burleson; her friends called her "Speedy Gal."

Burleson was reportedly homeless but was planning on moving into an apartment at the complex.

"We all knew her. She never did anything wrong to nobody," said Pinales. "She was a good person."

City officials told Local 2 the dogs' owners have been cited for letting the dogs roam and for not having them vaccinated.

There could still be one dog on the loose. They are looking for a female black and white pit bull. Anyone who sees the dog is asked to call 311.

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