Man fulfills dream of teaching at age 61

While his career may not make him rich, he said it allows him to affect the future

HOUSTON - Larry Mcintosh said he has wanted to teach since junior high, when one of his teachers, a band director, had an impact on him. He is now getting the chance to do the same at Deady Middle School.

His journey to his classroom took decades, but the first-year teacher said he knows this is what he was meant to do.

"The excitement they get about learning. To see how much fun they have, honest to God, it sends shivers up and down my spine," Mcintosh said.

Mcintosh first got a degree in sociology, though he worked for a time as a stockbroker, most of his career was spent in fast food management, but at the age of 58, he made a decision to go back into the classroom and get his masters degree.

"When it came time a couple years of years ago, my wife said, if you're ever going to do this, you need to do this now. So she supported me when I went back to school," said Mcintosh.

At the beginning of the year, Mcintosh began HISD's Alternative Certification Program, something he'll complete later this year.

And while his career may not make him rich, he said it allows him to affect the future,

"I'm much happier than people making twice my income. Most of us know what we love. My advice is to do it. that's where happiness is," Mcintosh said.

Mcintosh said he wants people to know we're never too old or too young to do anything.

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