Man finds noose, hateful message in backpack

BROOKSHIRE, Texas - A man said someone at his job put a noose and a hateful, racially charged note in his bag.

The man does not want to reveal his identity because of the nature of the incident.

He said he was just two weeks into a new job at a Superior Energy Services job site in Brookshire, when he quickly became the target of a fellow employee. He said he put his backpack in the break room. He walked away to use the bathroom and came back to get his bag.

"I opened it up and got the note with a noose inside," said the man. The note warned, "Stop wearing camo N-word. We can see you."

The man often wears camouflage clothing to work. Being African-American, he said he was offended by the noose and the message. "I had never experienced anything like this before," he said. "I got irritated."

The man said he complained to the company's human resources department.

"I just really want to find out who [did] it," the man said.

In a statement, the company said:

"A formal complaint has been lodged by an employee at one of our subsidiary companies stating that he received a written note containing a racial slur accompanied with other offensive material. Superior Energy Services, Inc. is currently investigating this issue. Superior does not condone such behavior and has policies and procedures prohibiting such conduct by employees and among employees. The company will take all appropriate actions at the conclusion of this investigation."

The employee also called the Waller County Sheriff's Office to complain. Deputies said they are investigating. They said there are no cameras in the break room and so far no one is admitting to leaving the note and noose.

With few leads, the employee said it is now hard to feel safe at work. He said he has requested a transfer to a different job site. "[I] keep my eyes open. "I'm going to try to put it behind me," he said.

Deputies said if they find the person responsible and the victim feels threatened by the message and noose, the suspect could face charges for making a terrorist threat.

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