Man discovers treasure in dresser at estate sale

By Courtney Gilmore - Anchor/Reporter

MISSOURI CITY, Texas - It was an amazing find in an old dresser.

A man shopping at an estate sale hit the jackpot with an item he purchased for less than $100 purchase.

In that chest of drawers, he found a treasure chest full of gold, silver and antique jewelry.

Emil Knodell is a self-proclaimed estate sale enthusiast.

"I always come to a sale with an open mind because you never know," Knoddel said. "It's always good to come at the half-price time because then the big fun starts.

Knoddel knew he was getting a good deal this weekend when he saw a solid, marble top, hand-crafted walnut chest marked down to $100.

Everything seemed to check out, but Knoddel was in for a shock.

"When we were loading it onto the truck, it sounded like a metallic waterfall," Knoddel said.

To everyone's surprise, there was a false drawer.

"We leaned it sideways and it sounded like a slot machine," Jeremy Allen of the Premiere Estate Sale Company said. "(We) looked at it and it was like the 'Hardy Boys.' Holy smokes, jackpot!"

Knoddel thought he was getting an antique piece of furniture -- just a chest of drawers. It turned out to be a treasure chest. Among the find was a ring with pearls, diamonds and a bracelet made of gold.

Inside of the hidden drawer were was also rubies, silver coins and emeralds. There were several medals from the Civil War, stamps, letters and currency from around the world telling the story of past travels and loved ones that the owner kept dear to his heart.

It was a secret drawer full of valuables, proving the old adage true: "Real riches are those possessed inside."

Without hesitation, Knoddel urged the Premiere Estate Company to contact the owner's son to deliver the chest to him.

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