Man dies in Baytown fire

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

BAYTOWN, Texas - One day before Christmas, Robert Vargas lost not only his father and best friend, but everything he owned, after a Christmas Eve fire ripped through this home.

"I have no home, no job and no father, he was my best friend," said Robert Vargas, the victim's son.

Robert, his wife and their three children were living with his father, Bob Vargas, for the past month after being laid off. He and his family were at a relative's for the holiday when they got the call that the house was on fire.

"She said the house burnt down and they found the body upstairs," said Vargas.

Bob, 47, known as Bullet, died inside the home early yesterday morning.

"It was a thousand degrees in there and he ran upstairs and tried to get away," said Robert.

Robert thought his children would have to go without presents, until other family members stepped in to help.

"Thanks to my Uncle Buddy over there, he made us a dinner and got my kids something to open because we lost everything. Without them, it would be even worse," said Robert.

They all got together, started cooking a holiday feast and even dug in their own pockets to make sure the kids still had Christmas.

"My main thing was that these babies didn't go without on Christmas, so my brother and sister and I gathered a little bit of money that we had, and we came up with $120 for them," said family member Teresa Hoffart.

Even as the family endures the tragedy of losing a loved one, they find solace in knowing they are not alone.

Anyone interested in helping out the Vargas family can email Teresa Hoffart at

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