Man claims concrete road debris from work zone shattered his windshield

By Brittany Jeffers - Reporter

GALVESTON COUNTY, Texas - A driver said his windshield was shattered by a piece of concrete while driving through a work zone in Galveston County.

Christopher Sanchez said he's used to the traffic and has to navigate construction zones on his way to work. He said last week on his way to work, he had to dodge a piece of concrete on I-45 between 517 and 646.

“I was heading down the road and I saw the car in front of me kind of swerve. I saw there was something underneath the car that kicked up,” Sanchez said.

He said a chunk of concrete the size of his fist shattered his windshield.

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“If that had come through the windshield and struck me, that would have been really bad,” Sanchez said. "They need to do a better job at making sure there isn’t road debris in construction areas, because like I said, it could have been a lot worse.”

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the stretch of road is part of the I-45 South project in Galveston County. Officials said if your vehicle is on a state road and damaged in a work zone, you can file a complaint online.

The Corner Spot gas station in Dickenson is in the mix of some of the construction spots along the Gulf Freeway.

Manager Amir Makmojia said it has been a tough few months, but believes the project will pay off.

“We have seen business down and everything, but I hope it will pick up when the construction is over. We will have better roads and easy access to other business. It's going to be better,” Makmojia said.

TxDOT representatives stressed the importance of following the speed limits, or reduced speed limits, in work zones and paying attention to your surroundings.

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