Man charged after road rage confrontation with cyclists

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

MAGNOLIA, Texas - Cyclists said a man tried to run them off of the road, hurt their friend and then ran over an expensive bike.  It happened Thursday evening on Lake Forest Drive in Magnolia, Montgomery County. 

Riders said Sherman Clark yelled at them to get off of the road, ran a cyclist off of the road and then forced a cyclist to have an accident and break a bone.

"Rick has nowhere to go because he's going 25 mph. Bang! He hits the pickup truck. He goes flying off of his bike. Ends up breaking his wrist and having serious knee and shoulder injury as well," said cyclist Steve Schoger. 

He said he and nine other cyclists from the Woodlands Cycling Club were riding when he said Clark pulled up and started harassing them. 

On a video recording, a cyclist asked Clark. "Why you holding the bat there?"  On the video, Clark is seen holding an aluminum baseball bat.  A cyclist then asked, "What did we do wrong?"  Clark responded, "You were riding all over the damn road for one thing."

In a second video clip, Clark is seen getting into his pickup and driving off as a cyclist kicked the side of the pickup.  As Clark drove away, a cyclist got out of the way of the truck as Clark could be seen, on video, driving over a bicycle.

Montgomery County Sheriff's Deputies arrested Clark and accused of two crimes; felony criminal mischief and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

Montgomery County assistant district attorney Adam McLane said, "We will take all of the evidence we've got, at some point, present it to a grand jury." 

A conviction on both charges could mean up to 22 years in jail.  No one answered outside the gate at Clark's home Friday night.

Schoger said, "We were doing everything right.  Why does a motorist do what he did?  Why does he have to exhibit road rage and try to kill us?"

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