Man charged after 2 grandchildren found in hot car in NW Houston

HOUSTON - A grandfather has been charged after deputies said he left his two young grandchildren alone in a car without air conditioning.

It happened Thursday afternoon in the Dollar Tree parking lot in the 26000 block of the Northwest Freeway. According to investigators, Janusz Tadeusz Frankowski left his 4-year-old granddaughter Araven and 2-year-old grandson Declan in his car while he bought snacks inside.  A woman noticed the kids alone in the back seat with the front window rolled down about two inches so she called authorities.  

Investigators said the children were left in the car for about 10 minutes.

Hanna Frankowski said she found out what happened to her grandchildren when Harris County sheriff's deputies showed up at her job to tell her Janusz Frankowski, her husband, was under arrest and facing child abandonment charges. Hanna said the children were sweating but not harmed.  

"I was shocked," said Hanna Frankowski.  "A few minutes, ten minutes is too long when it is very hot. I never leave them."  

Hanna said she knows how quickly a car can heat up and how dangerous it can be for children.  

"I feel so bad," said Hanna Frankowski."I want to ask [my husband] what happened with him because he always takes them, and he never, he knows, and he never leaves them in the car."

Janusz Frankowski is expected to face a judge on Monday.

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