Man attacked with hammer at senior living home

Residents at Commons of Grace on alert

HOUSTON - An elderly man said he was beaten and robbed in his gated senior living home in Northeast Houston.

Before being admitted to Memorial Hermann Hospital, Percy Gipson told Local 2 four men attacked him with a hammer.

Gipson's grandson, Damil Gipson said he feels helpless and angry.

"I got a call early this morning saying my grandfather had gotten ambushed on his way home from work," said Damil.

He said his grandfather turned the hall corner at Commons of Grace around 3:30 a.m. when the men approached, hitting him with the hammer. He said the men took turns kicking Percy. Damil said the men stole Percy's wallet, keys and the pistol he carried to defend himself.

"When I got down to the emergency room where he was at, I found out how severe it was," Damil said.

Damil said his grandfather suffered a fractured skull and bleeding from the brain. Other Commons of Grace residents are terrified.

"I may be the next one," said Tommy Smith.

"Our life is in danger here," said Bertha Jackson.

"There's got to be a solution," said Katheryne Warfield. "We're being targeted because we're senior citizens."

In June, another elderly man said he was attacked and robbed at the same complex. Regional property manager Maritza Miranda said they are working to keep seniors safe.

"We are going to continue beefing up the patrol and we're going to continue working with the authorities," said Miranda.

She said in addition to the added security, they also installed surveillance cameras a few weeks earlier.

Miranda said the cameras are fully operable, but when asked if the cameras were all over the property, Miranda said she could not disclose that information. Jackson said there are not enough cameras and she said she saw no cameras in the hall where Percy Gipson was attacked.

Miranda said they do have surveillance video from somewhere on the property that they are turning over to Houston police.

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