Man attacked on walking trail in Bellaire

He says two men jumped out of some bushes and attacked him

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

BELLAIRE, Texas - A man was attacked by two suspects on a walking trail in Bellaire.

It happened on Newcastle near Lula just before 10 p.m. Tuesday night.

The victim told Local 2 he was out walking when out of nowhere two men jumped out of some bushes and attacked him. He was walking along a well-traveled neighborhood path on Newcastle that most Bellaire residents are familiar with.

"This day and time I'm not sure if there's any safe neighborhoods. It's getting to be a lot different than when I was growing up," said Marc Abramson, who lives in the area.

The victim told us the pair never said a word after they knocked him to the ground and held him down. He says about 90 seconds later the two men jumped into an older model gold four-door car and sped off, heading south on Newcastle.

"He didn't hear any demands. He had head phones on with music after he was attacked. The headphones were on so he really didn't hear too much," said assistant chief Michael Leal with the Bellaire Police Department.

A neighbor who knew the man was driving by and stopped to help. The victim was unable to identify the driver but gave police a good description of the two men who beat him.

"It's scary, you never know what's out there. That's why I always tell my kids, be aware of your surroundings," said Abramson.

The victim told Local 2 he's not sure why he was targeted and that he saw other people out walking just minutes before he was attacked.

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