Man allegedly follows 2 students home

Students say man was standing on street, followed them

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BAYTOWN, Texas - Two Baytown students say a man followed them home after getting off the bus at Ripple Creek Circle on Friday.

The two Gentry Junior School students, a boy and a girl, said the man was standing on the street after they got off the bus and then started following them.

Both of the students said they started running away. Neither of them were harmed.

The school sent out the following warning letter home to parents with a description of the suspect:

The safety and well-being of Gentry Junior School students is always our top priority. Therefore, I want to make you aware of an incident that was reported Tuesday afternoon.

Two of our students, a male and female, reported that they were followed after getting off the bus at Ripple Creek Circle. A male was standing a street over from the bus stop and as the students were walking home, he began following them. Both students took off running home, but the man began chasing the female student. She arrived home safely, while the stranger remained in the street.

The man is described as an African American male in his mid 20s; he was wearing dark blue shorts and a black collared shirt with white Jordan shoes.

The incident was reported to school administrators, Baytown Police Department, and GCCISD Security who are investigating the incident.

I hope that you will talk with your children about this important safety issue. Please remind them not to talk to strangers and never to get into a vehicle with anyone unless they have permission from you. Principals and teachers will be reinforcing this message at school. Counselors are also conducting guidance lessons on "Stranger Danger" for all students.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please call the school office at 281-420-4590. Thank you for your support of Gentry Junior School.

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