Man accused of taking photos of teen in Forever 21 dressing room

By Erica Young - News Producer
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Daniel Rodriguez is charged with improper photography/visual recording.

HOUSTON - A Houston man was arrested after allegedly taking pictures of a 14-year-old girl inside a store dressing room.

According to court documents, the teen was changing her clothes in a dressing room at Forever 21 in The Galleria on June 13. She said she heard several clicking sounds, then she looked down and saw a cell phone on the floor. She said she saw a picture of herself on the phone.

According to court documents, the girl called out for her grandmother to return to the dressing room. As she waited for her grandmother, she said she saw a man's hand come from the adjoining dressing room and grab the cell phone.

When the grandmother arrived at the teen's dressing room about 45 seconds later, the girl told her what happened.

The grandmother told investigators she opened the door to the adjoining dressing room and saw a man, identified as Daniel Nicolas Rodriguez, standing there with a cell phone in his hand.

According to court documents, the grandmother took the cell phone from Rodriguez's hand and demanded to know why he was taking pictures of her granddaughter. Rodriguez denied taking any pictures of the teen and showed the woman his photo gallery.

The investigating officer asked Rodriguez if he had deleted any pictures of the teen, and Rodriguez said no.

Investigators got a search warrant for Rodriguez's phone. After digital forensics tests, investigators said they found four deleted pictures of a girl in a dressing room. They believe the girl is the same 14-year-old in the Forever 21 dressing room on June 13. Investigators also said the time stamp for the deleted pictures match the date and time of the incident.

Rodriguez, 28, was charged with improper photography/visual recording.

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