Man accused of robbing people who post items on buy, sell sites

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - "I've used Five Miles, Offer up,” said Jessica as she scrolled through her new, replacement phone.

When she wanted to sell her old iPhone 7, she used the app “OfferUp.”

She arranged to meet the buyer near a park on Creekside Park Drive in Alief.

She said the man wanted to see the phone.

"When I handed it to him, he took off running. And when he saw I was trying to get out of the car, he pulled out the gun," she said.

While her phone was gone, she realized she could have lost much more.

"In my mind I'm thinking, 'Wow! I did not expect this!' And if I would have chased him, it probably would have gotten worse. I probably would have got shot," she said.

Houston police said she was not the only victim.

Alexis used the app “LetGo” to connect her to who she thought was a buyer for her Apple iPhone 7.

She said they agreed to meet at a public school parking lot just down the street from where Jessica’s phone was stolen.

This time, she said the man grabbed the cellphone out of her hand and ran away.

"Me, I was going to chase him with my car, but there was a gate so I couldn't get to him," Alexis said.

Police are searching for 18-year-old Daitione Honeycutt.

They said he stole phones from both women. He faced theft and aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon charges.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Honeycutt had not yet been arrested.

Jessica said he's out there somewhere. After all, she said she recently found him online trying to sell her stolen phone.

Alexis could get her phone back.

It was recovered after it was sold using an automatic machine. Police took it as evidence.

"What's the point of you stealing something from someone else because you need easy money? How about you get a job or something?" Alexis said.

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