Man accused of recording video up woman's skirt

Jevon Gunn fired from University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

HOUSTON - A man has been accused of recording video up a co-worker's dress in an elevator at a Houston hospital, and police believe there could be more victims.

Jevon Gunn, 30, has been charged with improper photography/visual recording.

He allegedly was engaging in a practice called "upskirting" and told police he wanted to send the images to a pornographic website that showcases people stalking women and recording the video, as well as pictures.

Gunn was an employee at the UT MD Anderson Cancer Center. Investigators say he was busted after trying to record up the skirt of a fellow employee when the two were on an elevator in a parking garage. The woman realized what Gunn was doing and notified police who had been conducting an investigation into complaints of a man accused of upskirting.

Surveiilance video confirmed their allegations, investigators said.

"Just because they're targeting a whole bunch of people doesn't mean you're not being targeted individually," said University of Texas Police investigator Stefan Happ. "It is not a victimless crime. It is a sex crime."

Police said Gunn admitted he recorded up the skirt of the woman in the elevator on Oct. 8. They said he also told them he had recorded eight women at the Medical Center over the course of three months, but when they looked at his smartphone they found more than 30 images. They believe more women were victimized.

Hospital officials said Gunn has been arrested and terminated from his job there The case is being handed over to the Harris County DA.


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