Man, 19, accused of raping Richmond woman in front of infant

By Cory McCord - Digital News Editor, Rose-Ann Aragon - Reporter

RICHMOND, Texas - A 19-year-old man accused of raping a Richmond woman was arrested Friday by SWAT officers.

Fort Bend County deputies said Stephen Latroy Hudson attacked the woman Thursday afternoon while she was at home alone with her infant child. Officials said the rape happened in front of the child.

Around 1 p.m. Thursday, officials said Hudson knocked on the woman's door in the 26100 block of Travis Brook Drive. When the woman answered the door, Hudson asked if someone lived there, but the woman didn't recognize the name of the person he was looking for, according to investigators.

Hudson left the porch, but returned a couple of minutes later and knocked again, investigators said.

"About two minutes later, she heard a knock at the door (and) she opened the door. She opened it up and that point he rushed in," said Detective Kevin White.

When the woman answered the door for the second time, Hudson barged in and forced her inside the house at gunpoint, according to authorities.

After Hudson sexually assaulted the woman, he stole guns and electronics from the home, according to officials.

"Took some guns, some electronics, equipment, threatened the victim. [He] told the victim, 'You do not get out of that closet,'" said Sheriff Troy Nehls.

She stayed in the closet for a couple of hours before contacting authorities.

Hudson was charged with aggravated robbery and aggravated sexual assault. Bonds for both charges were set at $100,000.

Hudson was released from jail in May, according to authorities. He registered as a sex offender in June.

Authorities said Hudson lives in the neighborhood where the attack happened.

Officials said a camera on the porch led investigators to Hudson.

The victim is married and the attack happened while her husband was at work and her two older daughters were at school, officials said.

A SWAT team was used during the arrest because Hudson is accused of stealing guns during the attack and officials didn't know what to expect when they showed up at his residence. Officials said he lives at the home with family members.

"To live in the same neighborhood and to put another woman through something like this while you have your small child you're attending to is sickening," Nehls said.

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