Man accused of impersonating police officer after car accident

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter , Erica Young - News Producer

HOUSTON - The Houston Police Department has arrested a man accused of impersonating an officer.

Kevin Pever appeared before a judge Wednesday. A prosecutor says Pever acted impersonated a police officer after he was involved in a traffic accident.

A woman says on July 14 she accidentally hit the back of Pever's Buick as she drove east on the Beltway 8 feeder near Highway 90. She said when she pulled over she saw a sign on the car Pever was driving that read, 'My other car is a police car.'

Prosecutors said the victim commented, "just my luck to hit a cop." 

Prosecutors said Pever nodded and agreed and asked for the woman's license as she said he turned on flashing red and blue lights in the back of his car.

According to court documents, Pever refused to give the woman his driver's license and phone number. She did, however, take a picture of his insurance card.

After the woman left the scene, she became increasingly upset about how Pever yelled at her. A friend convinced her to file a formal complaint on the man she thought was an officer.

The woman used the name on the insurance card in an internet search and saw that he had been accused of impersonating a public servant in the past. The woman then filed a report with HPD.

No one answered the door Wednesday at Pever's home in Missouri City. His name is all over the front door. A car, not registered to Pever, matching the description of the car involved in the accident was parked out front. It had a bar of flashing lights and a police badge in the front and a sign on the back tag.

"I'm not surprised. I know it would eventually happen," said one neighbor, who did not want to be identified. "Because he always wanted to be a cop. He told everybody he was a police officer."

Pever, 52, was arrested and charged with impersonating a public servant. It's a charge he's faced three times before. He was convicted two years ago and spent one year in jail.

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