Man accused of fondling leasing agent

Maintenance workers hold suspect until police arrive

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - A leasing agent in southwest Houston claims a man who said he was looking for an apartment fondled her.

The agent works at a complex on Glenfield Court. According to the woman, a man came to her complex looking for a new home Thursday afternoon.

She said she didn't think much of it because she had talked with him before. She said she took him to look at the model home, and that's when he started to touch her. She said she pushed him away.

"I started yelling at him to leave," said the woman. "Went back to his car. At that time, I saw him head back down the street to the other community where the manager and I are close."

She called the manager down the street and said that other manager got her maintenance workers to come to the office and to hold the man until police arrived. When officers got there, they put the man in the back of a patrol car and brought him back to the first complex.

"The agents need to be close to the other communities around them. Because had her and I not been able to do that, it could have happened to her. You need to make sure you get their ID," the woman said.

The National Apartment Association suggests that leasing agents always carry their phones, never let a perspective resident know they are alone and trust their instincts.

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