Man accused of attacking party guests with machete

Javier Aragon charged with aggravated assault with deadly weapon

GALVESTON, Texas - A man used a machete to attack a crowd at a birthday party, police said.

Galveston police said Javier Aragon, 26, got into an argument with another man at the house party in the 1100 block of 46th Street about 1 a.m. Thursday.  

Investigators said Aragon went to his car, grabbed a machete and went back to the house. 

A family member at the home didn't want to be identified but said the fight spilled into the front yard and Aragon attacked several people. Investigators said the victims grabbed chairs to block the machete strikes. 

Neighbor Royse Clay said the blows from the machete against the chairs were so loud that he heard them from next door.  "

You heard pretty much clinking," said Clay.  "That's a pretty big weapon. You heard a lot of yelling and madness and I pretty much looked out.  A lot of people were more or less just scared and trying to get away."

Investigators said eventually a group of partygoers was able to surround Aragon and scare him away from the house.  Soon police were on scene, searching nearby streets.  Officers said they found Aragon on 19th Street and Avenue M and arrested him. 

Aragon has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.  He's being held in the Galveston County Jail with bond set at $160,000.

Police said no one was injured.

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