Man accused of at least 14 burglaries of Houston storage facilities

By Phil Archer - Reporter

HOUSTON - Houston police suspect Torron Jermaine Alexander, 41, in at least 14 burglaries at U-Haul stores and Community Self Storage lots since March 1.

He was identified through a tip phoned in to Houston Crime Stoppers after surveillance video from two of the locations first aired on Local 2 News back on May 8.

Investigators stated Alexander arrived at each business during closing hours driving a stolen U-Haul truck, then used landscaping rocks to shatter the front door and make entry. Once inside, he stole cash and televisions and always exchanged the stolen truck he arrived in for a new one.

Investigators say the burglaries became so routine that video from a burglary at the U-Haul store at 10220 Old Katy Road from March 30 shows Alexander brought along a lunch.

"When he leaves he goes back to the truck and grabs his lunch," said Officer Jason Angelia with HPD Burglary and Theft Division. "It looks like to-go, Churches Chicken or something. And then, he steals another U-Haul truck and drives off."

Angelia says after the video became public, phone tips started to come in. A caller to Crime Stoppers last Friday gave Alexander's name. Angelia says when he checked it out, he learned Alexander was already being held in the Fort Bend County Jail.

Doug Adolph with the City of Sugar Land says Alexander was arrested May 5 after a Sugar Land officer discovered he'd broken into All-Tech Communications at 203 Century Square. Alexander allegedly loaded two television sets from the store into a stolen U-Haul truck and drove away.

When the officer tried to pull him over, Adolph says Alexander led the officer on a chase eastbound on Highway 90, finally abandoning the truck at the intersection of Busley and Knottynold in Houston.

A short time later police found him hiding inside a home in the 4722 block of Knottynold.

Alexander is accused in the following incidents:

  • March 3 - U-Haul at 6505 Fondren
  • March 3 - U-Haul at 10621 Main
  • March 17 - Community Self Storage at 2515 Washington Avenue
  • March 18 - Community Self Storage at 2515 Washington Ave.
  • March 22 - U-Haul at 14225 Northwest Freeway
  • March 23 - Community Self Storage at 2101 South Voss
  • March 24 - Community Self Storage at 12906 Fry Road (Harris County)
  • March 26 - U-Haul at 8550 State Highway 6 North (Harris County)
  • March 30 - U-Haul at 10220 Old Katy Road
  • March 30 - Community Self Storage at 2515 Washington Ave.
  • April 13 - Community Self Storage at 2101 South Voss
  • April 14 - U-Haul at 5503 Almeda Road
  • April 22 - U-Haul at 2222 Southwest Freeway
  • April 27 - U-Haul at 6808 Bissonnet

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