Man, 70, beaten and robbed inside Afton Oaks home

HOUSTON - Police are searching for two armed men accused of violently attacking a 70-year-old man outside his Afton Oaks home.

According to investigators, the man was in his gated driveway in the 4600 block of Waring Street Wednesday morning when he was attacked by two men. One was carrying a gun, the other, a stun gun.  The suspects beat up the homeowner then forced him back inside his house.

Police said the two men then forced the man and his wife into one of the rooms while they rummaged through the rest of their home.

The Highland Village Civic Club sent out a crime alert to neighbors informing them the men got away with the homeowner's money, guns and pickup truck.

The homeowner had to be hospitalized due to his injuries.

"Within 20 minutes (of the attack) the neighbors were all aware," said Michelle Gallagher who lives just a few doors down. "My neighbor texted me and we all became aware of it. It's alarming that there was no one around, no one saw it. You have a false security when you have gates because that's really not secure."

Police aren't ready to say if they're related but Wednesday's attack came just a week after investigators said two homes in nearby Highland Village were burglarized by two men as well. The first, a home on Wickersham Drive near Suffolk Drive, then another nearby about 30 minutes later.

Witnesses at both locations reported seeing two men in a black four door Pontiac Grand Am driving away. Police believe the suspects are between 18 to 25 years old.

"It's shocking because it's been such a quiet neighborhood," said a neighbor who only wanted to be called Arleen. "I've been (living) here for about 20 years. I have felt safe here. Of course, with the latest things going on, you feel a little uneasy."

Other neighbors said that it doesn't matter where you live, crime can happen anywhere.  "I get crime alerts from Memorial and Tanglewood and Royden Oaks," Gallagher said.  "It's happening everywhere."

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