Male Houston radio host opens up about breast reduction surgery

By Rachel McNeill - Anchor

HOUSTON - When you think about breast reduction surgery, you probably think of women.

However, more and more men are going under the knife to correct what is considered to be an embarrassing problem.

As Co-Host and Executive Producer of the Roula & Ryan Show in 104.1 KRBE-FM, Eric Rowe has shared his life with millions of listeners.

Rowe told Local 2, "To be successful in radio, you have to let it all hang out there. You have to let everyone know the insecurities about your life."

Now he's unveiling an issue he's been dealing with for years.

Rowe said, "My whole life I've never wanted to take my shirt off and a lot of guys are that way. I want to get my 'moobs' done. I can't stand my moobs!'"

Rowe is turning to reconstructive and plastic cosmetic surgeon Dr. Rafi Bidros with My Body MD.

Dr. Bidros explained, "Actually, male breasts or gynecomastia as we like to refer to it, is very common, between 30-50 percent of people actually have some degree of it. This is not an uncommon issue that men have to deal with, but it's unspoken just because of the embarrassment."

Breast reduction is one of the top five cosmetic surgeries for men. It can be caused by hormonal changes, certain medications, health conditions or heredity.

Dr. Bidros added, "The vast majority (of the cases) is just removing the tissue under the skin without having a lot of scars or sometimes miniscule scars where they're undetectable."

Despite regular exercise, Rowe said he just can't seem to shed the excess breast tissue. This procedure promises lasting results.

Rowe said, "This is not to lose weight. This is just to get your body the way you want it to look."

The surgery is an outpatient procedure with most patients returning to regular activity within a week or two.

Rowe said he'll be back on the air next week sharing his recovery with his listeners.

The cost of the procedure can range from $7500-$9000.

Dr. Bidros said if you do notice a sudden increase in one area of the breast or a lump, it may be a sign of something more serious.

In that case, see your doctor right away to get checked out.

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