'Lunch Angel' Kenny Thompson pays off hundreds of students' delinquent accounts

Kenny Thompson says after his story aired on Local 2, donations from around the world started pouring in

HOUSTON - One local man's vision of helping students eat a hot lunch is gaining worldwide momentum.

Kenny Thompson says after his story about paying off students' delinquent lunch accounts aired on Local 2, donations from around the world started pouring in. So he went back at it!

Thompson told Local 2, "You guys broke the story and like I said, you turned my life upside down and got people involved around the country. It's been everywhere!"

This time, he paid off 459 deficit lunch accounts at five schools in Spring Branch ISD.

Now there's talk of branching off to other districts.

"I think we'll branch out next week and go somewhere where it's needed, the neediest schools in the poorest areas of our town, they need help.  People are struggling and we can't let the kids struggle," Thompson said.

Thompson says he's also been talking to school districts across the country about ways to improve their lunch account policies.

"It's not my money, it's not about me; it's about all the other angels out there that have called me, contacted me, donated money to carry on with this," he said.

Last week, Thompson originally donated $465 of his own money to nearly 60 students at Valley Oaks Elementary after hearing many of them were skipping lunch because of negative account balances.

"I know now that there are angels all around us and heroes all around us; it's not just me. It's about our community," Thompson said. "And I feel honored to be a part of it."

If you would like to help out Kenny's cause, click this link.

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