Offensive flier threatens apartment residents near the Galleria area

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Kimelah McKinley feels violated after someone left what could only be considered a message of hate inside a Galleria area apartment complex.

On Tuesday night, McKinley was surprised to find a flyer with a swastika and a message that stated:

"Attention all Mexicans, Arabs, and non-American 'people', this is a warning to leave this alt-left proclaimed property immediately before we remove you."

"The residents here are very diverse," McKinley said. “We have everybody from probably every nation here. So it's very disturbing."

Aside from being saddened and disappointed by the flyer McKinley is trying to figure out who posted it here at the Avenue R apartments on Richmond Avenue near Chimney Rock Road. It takes a number of security measures to get onto the property and into one of the interior elevators.

"I believe that it was either someone who lived here or the friend of someone who lived here, McKinley said.

The property managers sent a letter to residents via email stating:

"We join our residents in hoping that the one or more unknown individuals who distributed this flyer are apprehended, and we intend to cooperate fully with law enforcement officials."

Residents are not sure if this is a hoax or something more serious, because some of the wording didn't match up and there were a lot of misspellings. But residents are upset that anyone would do this for any reason.