Woman claims deputy constables' illegal actions part of reality show

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - Perla Carr said the Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable and his deputy constables' illegal actions were caught on camera as part of a reality show.

In response, Carr filed a lawsuit against Montgomery Co. Precinct 4 Constables and the District Attorney.  She claimed officers illegally broke into her home.  Carr said one minute she was slapping and the next, constables were pointing lasers from their guns at her chest.

"I'm not protected," said Carr.  "Anybody could break in my house at any time.  I was shocked. I was terrified."

Carr said the charges against her were dropped, but it wasn't until she saw a YouTube clip that she said she felt she had to sue Constable Kenneth "Rowdy" Hayden, Chief Barry Welch, three other deputy constables and District Attorney Brett Ligon.  The video, called Texas Takedown, profiled Hayden and his deputy constables.  The clip showed the search and arrests.

Carr's attorney Randall Kallinen said even if drugs were found in the home, officers illegally entered.

"They busted a window and breaking someone's window, that is an unreasonable search and seizure," said Kallinen.

He said the officers also used flashlights to look into Carr's windows, falsely claimed they could smell marijuana and claimed they could see the plants through the window.  Kallinen said constables claimed in court and in an affidavit that the front door was unlocked, but Kallinen said the video showed the constables forced their way in with a crowbar.

"That television reveals that they actually lied to the judge under oath," said Kallinen.

Kallinen said the constables did not ask for and receive a search warrant until two hours after the arrests.

Local 2 contacted the Montgomery Co. Precinct 4 Constables Office for their side of events, but an official said they could not comment on pending litigation.  The District Attorney's Office has not yet responded.

Carr said her son pleaded guilty and was sentenced to time served after his arrest.  But now that the video has come to light, Carr said her son may also pursue legal action.

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