Two women violently assualted, robbed in their home

One woman's face was smashed by the butt of a rifle and the other woman was pistol-whipped

WATSON RANCH - Two Watson Ranch women were violently assaulted and robbed in their home.

Lisa Winters woke up to the sound of gunfire shooting through her back door late Thursday night.

"I heard them stomp, stomp, then he was already upstairs and on top of me with a pistol," said Winters.

According to Winters, one robber started hitting her head with a pistol while the other man smashed the butt of a rifle against her roommates face.

Winters says the men tied both women up with belts and demanded money.

Winters says she gave them cash from her wallet then one of the men forced her into her downstairs office to look for more.

"Every time he would ask me something  and I gave him an answer he didn't want, he'd hit me," Winters said.

Winters says she was trying to stay conscious, and gathered enough strength to push the barrel of the gun away from her head.

"I just told him, 'I done what you asked me to do. I gave you what you wanted, now you leave or kill me because I'm done'," Winters said.

But Winters said the man's behavior took another turn, she said he began slapping her on the butt and telling her she was a "cute little thing".

Winters believes the man would have done more if the other robber had not have come downstairs with her roommate.

According to Winters the men forced her and her roommate too the floor before they took off.

The women are now afraid to sleep in their own home.

"I live in the country for God's sakes. You know this don't happen out here," Winters said.

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