Family defends teen charged in sister's death

Jordan Boijseauneau accused of killing Estephani Boijseauneau

MAGNOLIA, Texas - Dozens of family members showed up in court Thursday to support a teen accused of killing his own sister.

Gloria and Abel Boijseauneau said they feel torn as they mourn their 17-year-old daughter, Estephani, while at the same time considering the possible murder conviction ahead for their 19-year-old son, Jordan.

The parents said they're still not convinced Jordan killed his sister.

"They just can't believe he would do something like this. But at the same time, they also have it in the back of their head that there's a possibility that he did," their nephew, Bryan Guevara, said.

The parents have visited their son in jail, and said he doesn't remember what happened.

Gloria Boijseauneau said her son was depressed in the months leading up to his sister's death because of a sexual abuse charge. His parents said that charge was tied to his girlfriend because he was 19 and she was 15.

Jordan Boijseauneau is also accused of attacking and tying up his girlfriend the day his sister was killed, officials said. Gloria Boijseauneau said her son went to a psychologist once and seemed to be getting better, but she said something still didn't seem right.

"We didn't know how severe it was until this incident happened," Guevara said.

While a public defender handles Jordan Boijseauneau's case, his parents wonder if they could have changed their daughter's fate that day.

"Just if they were there, they could have avoided this," said Guevara.

Jordan Boijseauneau's parents said they'll fight for their son and cherish the life their daughter had.

"They're always going to remember the perseverance she had. She had many dreams," said Guevara.

Jordan Boijseauneau will be back in court on Oct. 9.

Jordan Boijseauneau's public defender said he was appointed to represent his client right before Thursday's hearing. He said he didn't want to comment until he had a chance to speak to his client in detail.

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