Man accused of posting nude photos of ex-girlfriend after she gets new boyfriend

By Cory McCord - Digital News Editor, Jacob Rascon - Anchor-Reporter

HOUSTON - Harris County deputies are looking for a man accused of creating fake social media accounts for his ex-girlfriend using old, sometimes secretly taken nude photos of her.

Joshua Durden is facing charges of online impersonation. His ex-girlfriend, Cedrisia, told KPRC2 he has threatened to kill her in the past.

Durden and Cedrisia met in high school, had a daughter together and dated for more than a decade, the family said. They separated a few years ago.

In recent weeks, Cedrisia met a new boyfriend, which the family and investigators said prompted the harassment.

When he found out his ex had a new boyfriend, Durden, 32, started calling Cedrisia from three different phone numbers, one of which was blocked, according to court documents.

On Valentine's Day, officials said, Durden called her 38 times, twice from his personal number, according to court documents.

The following day, court documents indicate Durden called Cedrisia’s work phone 23 times and her personal phone six times, using his personal number once.

She called police on Feb. 16. While officers were at the scene, court documents indicate Durden called her twice. Officers listened to a voicemail of Durden speaking in a high-pitched voice, saying that someone was going to "pull-up" at her when she got off work, court documents said.

“She’s uncomfortable, she’s scared, you know,” Cedrisia’s mother, Alma, said. “She’s not the same, you know, I can see it in her face, she’s just not the same.”

“[He] told me that I need to drop charges, or else he’s going to put one in my head,” Cedrisia said. “I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve seen too many people killed by a man they was once with. You always hear about this, but you never think it’s going to happen to you. I just pray that they hurry up and catch him.”

Starting on Feb. 13, Durden sent several texts to Cedrisia -- including screenshots of fake social media accounts and dating website accounts where he posted nude photos of her according to court documents.

She told officials the photos were taken during their intimate times together, some without her knowledge.

According to court documents, Durden also sent screenshots of conversations he was having with other men while posing as Cedrisia on the fake accounts. Durden sent her address and directions to her apartment in some of the messages, court documents said.

One text read, " Tonight I'm send someone over fr (for real) hoe I'm giving them the right door this time," according to court documents.

Cedrisia said she never gave Durden permission to post the photos or impersonate her online.



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