Parents want return of daughter after death of son

Devon Davis found in Liberty County lake

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas - The parents of the boy who wondered away from his home and was found dead in a lake in Liberty County pleaded for the return of their young daughter.

Mike and April Davis lost their son, Devon, five weeks ago. They said they lost their 18-month-old-daughter Abby to Child Protective Services at the same time. 

They said the state placed Abby with family friends after the disappearance of their son.

They expected Abby would be returned after Devon's death was ruled an accident and April's name was cleared.

"There's gotta be somebody out there that can help us do something to get our daughter back because none of this makes any sense," said April Davis. "I want somebody to explain to me why I can't have my daughter back. It's hard enough dealing with the fact that my 2-year-old son is gone, and now I can't have my daughter and no one can explain why."

A spokesperson for CPS said the Davis family was put into what it called a Parental Safety Plan. The state said it had concerns for Abby's safety. 

A worker was assigned to the case to determine if the family needs to make any changes before Abby comes back home. 

Mike and April Davis said they've done everything requested.

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