Rash of summer burglaries in Summerwood neighborhood in NE Harris Co.

HOUSTON - A rash of summer burglaries has families on edge in northeast Harris County. The crimes are happening in Summerwood, near Beltway 8 and West Lake Houston Parkway.

Since mid-June, at least a dozen burglaries have been reported in the neighborhood.

"The neighbors up and down the way, they've all had issues. A lot of people have had their houses broken into. It's sad," said resident Kenneth Henry.

In some of the most recent cases, thieves have broken out windows in the master bedroom to get into the homes. They then help themselves to what's inside. To protect themselves, some neighbors told Local 2 they are upgrading their security systems. Others are even considering a move.

Kenneth Henry has added another four-legged layer of security.

"I believe in having two dogs and a gun... that's what I believe in. There's no other way. The dogs will make people think twice about coming into your home and then the last line of defense is a 9mm," said Henry.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office is investigating the burglaries. Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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