Pregnant woman caught in gunfire during game room robbery

HOUSTON - Bullets flew past a pregnant woman during an armed robbery at a northwest Harris County game room on Wednesday.

The game room on the far end of the shopping center has no signs and the windows are covered up, but the robbers knew exactly where to go. They started shooting inside the game room, shattering windows. One bullet also pierced the walls shared with the cell phone store next door and almost hit a pregnant woman and her husband.

Investigators say it all started when two armed men armed walked into the game room. They confronted the manager, forced him to the to back of the game room, beat him up and demanded cash.

Detectives say the two suspects took whatever money the manager had on him and then they started shooting.

Bullets knocked out one of the front windows of the game room. And one bullet went through the wall into the cell phone store next door.

Inside a pregnant woman and her husband were shopping for new phones. They say it was a close call as one of the bullets flew right by them.

A repairman is already working to fix the windows shattered by bullets. Officers say both robbers got away.

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