New details in manhunt for man wanted in death of missing girlfriend

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

BUFFALO,Texas - There are new details in the case of a man accused in the death of his missing girlfriend from the Cypress area.

Colt Morgan, 28, is charged with murder in the death of his girlfriend, Wende Marshall.

Morgan recently drove more than 130 miles to Buffalo, Texas, to hide out.

The Leon County sheriff says Morgan burglarized a shed and stole a Glock handgun, a four-wheeler and also broke into two cars at another location; all of this to get supplies to hide out. They say he stole things like emergency kits and cash, which was used to buy food and water.

On Monday, the sheriff released dash cam video of Morgan head-butting a Buffalo police officer a few days earlier. The officer was questioning the suspect and didn't realize he was the murder suspect at the time.

Morgan isn't cuffed, but the officer asked him to put his hands on the car.

"He remained pretty calm during the questioning on the dash cam. He answered the questions, Morgan answered the questions and as it progressed he became violent towards the officer," said Leon County Sheriff Kevin Ellis.

As the officer searches for weapons, Morgan can be seen reaching for his gun hidden under his belt and then a struggle ensues. Sheriff Ellis says Morgan head-butted the officer to break loose. The video then shows the officer firing his Taser as Morgan runs away.

"When the suspect ran, Officer Pate ran toward him and was able to shoot, release a Taser and it went it to him and the suspect fell forward, the wires pulled out and the suspect got up and ran," Ellis said.

Morgan got away. There are concerns that he may have jumped on a train or an 18-wheeler to get out of town.

Residents in the area like Lisa Schultz are worried.

Schultz says "We have our guns loaded, our windows and doors locked and we are doing everything we can to be safe because we are right here in town."

As the search in Leon County continues, the sheriff is telling residents to lock their doors and secure all firearms.

Deputies say Marshall was last seen with Morgan on October 30. Morgan initially told investigators she had left her residence and went to a friend's home after arguing with him.

Marshall, 44, was stabbed to death and her body was then burned, according to deputies. Her remains were found the day before Halloween, chopped up and sprinkled throughout her backyard at a home in north Harris County.

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