New details in case of woman accused of posing as ex's girlfriend

The Craiglist ad she allegedly posted was explicit, and asked men to show up at victim's home for sex

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Samantha Weber

HOUSTON - A local woman is facing a felony charge for an ad investigators say she posted on Craigslist posing as another woman.

The ad was explicit, and instructed men to show up at a Cypress home for sex. But the woman who lives at the home knew nothing about it.

The ad included the victim's picture and address and said she was a red-headed cougar who wanted to play. But investigators say the ad was actually posted by her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend who was seeking revenge.

The victim wasn't expecting several strangers to show up at her Cypress home in the early morning hours.

Investigators say when confronted by the victim's boyfriend, one of the men showed the couple the Craigslist ad. It had her picture and explicit text.

"Printed off the ad and said here, here's why I'm here and it was an ad that said, 'Husband's away, want to have a good time come see me,'" said Sgt. Gary Spurger with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office.

It took several months, but the high-tech crimes unit at Precinct 4 was able to track the ad back to Samantha Weber by subpoenaing records from Craigslist, email and phone providers.

"It's pretty serious. How would you like to be the one at home at 3 o'clock in the morning when someone starts banging on the door, thinking you want to have a good time and really you don't?" Sgt. Spurger said.

The victim no longer lives at the Cypress home where it happened. Neighbors were shocked to hear about her overnight, unwanted visitors.

Weber, 38, is out of jail on a $5,000 bond. She's facing a charge of online impersonation.

Investigators say a search warrant revealed emails in Weber's account from people responding to that Craigslist ad. According to investigators, it was only up for a few hours.

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