New details about man accused of killing Deputy Darren Goforth

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - KPRC 2 has new details in the investigation into the murder of Harris County Deputy Darren Goforth.

Search warrants obtained by Channel 2 Investigates say a witness told investigators he was getting out of his vehicle when he heard a gunshot, then saw Goforth on the ground and a man believed to be Shannon Miles shooting a gun in the deputy's back.

The witness got his children into his vehicle and saw the shooter drive away in a red Ford Ranger, one that matched the vehicle owned by Miles. When deputies arrived at the home of Miles' mother, they asked the person who answered the door if the red Ford Ranger was his. He replied, "No, it's my brother's truck," and identified his brother as Miles.

When Miles arrived at the house, a deputy asked Miles if he owned any guns. He replied, "Yes, two." The search warrant also states a loaded Smith & Wesson .40 caliber firearm was found in a blue bag in the garage where Miles said it would be. A box made for 50 cartridges of .40 caliber bullets was also found in the blue bag.

The 15 similar casings found at the scene where Goforth was shot and killed ended up matching the gun Miles said was his, according to the warrant.

A white cooler located in the kitchen looked similar to a white container found in the bed of the truck used in Goforth's shooting.

When deputies searched the home, they discovered damp laundry inside a washing machine, including a white T-shirt, consistent to those the gunman was wearing at the time of the shooting.

From Miles' bedroom, authorities recovered two cellphones, one item of mail, a Texas driver's license and a pair of black shorts.

KPRC 2 also learned Friday that, according to sources, a woman who witnessed Goforth's shooting told investigators that she had a romantic relationship with Goforth for more than a year.

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