Man leaving bank robbed of $1,700

2 men kidnap, rob man leaving Chase Bank

HOUSTON - A man was robbed after making a withdrawal of nearly $1,000 from his bank.

Harris County sheriff's deputies said it happened at the Chase Bank in the 3800 block of Atascocita Road on June 7.

Rosendo Sanchez was leaving the bank after withdrawing $980 when a man with a gun approached him and forced him out of his vehicle, investigators said.

The robber then drove Sanchez several miles along Will Clayton Parkway, until they stopped at a fast-food restaurant, detectives said.

"At that point, the suspect robbed the victim of his money that he had just taken out of the bank," said Deputy Thomas Gilliland.

Deputies said the robber then forced Sanchez, 43, to drive back to the Chase Bank. On the way, they picked up a second man at a nearby Burger King.

Sanchez was forced to take $700 out of his account, investigators said.

The two men then got out of the car at Will Clayton Parkway and Atascocita Road and ran off.

News of the armed robbery and kidnapping had other bank customers shaken.

"Going into the bank and out of the bank, I really don't think nothing of it," said David Cangahula.

"I always look around to make sure no one is standing around. Sometimes in the front, there are people at the ATM machine. I wait until they're finished to go in," said Monica Brown.

Deputies advised bank customers to be alert and never to carry cash out of the bank.

"Make yourself, as you walk out, look normal, every day. Having the envelope in your hand, these people are watching you," said Gilliland.

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